Friday, October 13, 2017

Rudolf Holgerson - Hooked on Music (2002)

Published 2013
Song from my album Hooked On Music. I composed the song in 2002.

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Bellabeth - This channel is dead. (2016)

Published on Oct 3, 2017

If you want to see more videos of me, subscribe to my main channel:

I created this channel back in 2012 when I didn't want to risk getting a copyright strike on my main channel for uploading covers. As that whole situation with covers got KINDA sorted out over the years and publishers relaxed a bit, I feel confident to upload all covers to my main channel from now on!

So if you wanna keep seeing my videos - you should definitely subscribe to that channel! :)

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Bellabeth - 'Chocolate and Vodka' (2016)

Published on Jan 27, 2016

(the date of published is from this channel, and not from the orginal YouYube Channel of Bellabth)

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Bellabeth on Facebook - enjoing the little things (07/10/2017)

Published 07/10/2017

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Bellabeth - enjoying the little things (2016)

Published on Oct 6, 2017

My 5 top little/weird things that make me happy.
What are some of the little things that make YOU happy? Let me know in the comments!! :D
This took me waaaay too long to edit... and all that head room lol uuuugh

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Melody Factory - Louisiana Bustles (2015)

Published on Dec 26, 2015

Louisiana Bustles (2015)
Composers: Michel Butanriu & The Pilgrim

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The Pilgrim - 10Minutes! (Video № 01) with Jürgen Kobel (2014)

Publicado a 25/08/2014
First video music-clip of composers and musicans. Not professional, just testing.
Composer: Jürgen Kobel (Scrambled Eggs Music Brazil)


01)" I Can´t Face You" from the album "Mamihlapinatapai"
02) "Mystical Garden" from the album "Eggstasy"
03) "Pieces Of Illusions" from the album "Metamorphosis"

© by Scrambled Eggs Music Brazil 2014

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